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Our Packaging

March 30, 2021 2 min read

Our Packaging

So many of us are seeking out more sustainable products and eliminating single-use-plastic in the home, being more mindful with our packaging needs, and quite often it is what we are used to, a bad habit, and not really a need at all. 

Recycling efforts globally have a huge way to go and what we do with our plastics and waste is needing far more attention now more than ever before. We bring a refillable system to your home, and this, combined with your own recycling practices, repurposing and reusing items, mindful purchasing and generally learning to love living with less will ultimately lead to far less impact on our precious environment.  This is just within your household, times this by a billion households! 

Our refill bottles are made from HDPE which stands for High-density Polyethylene. They are strong, lightweight, impact resistant, the easiest and most accepted plastic polymers to recycle and by far the best material for transporting our products.  They are durable and resistant to weather, mold, mildew and rotting and as mentioned lightweight, using far less logistical energy.


Our materials used:

300ml bottles - PET plastic recycled code 1, made in England

1000ml bottles - HDPE plastic recycled code 2, made in England

5000ml bottles - HDPE plastic recycled code 2, made in England


240ml bottles - glass, made in Asia

480ml bottles - glass, made in Asia


Pumps - made in Italy


Cardboard Boxes - recycled material, made in England

Gift Boxes -  made in England from 40% recycled boxboard, fully recyclable

Inner Packaging - recycled material, made in England 

Labels - made and printed in England


We endeavor to reuse any packaging that comes to us when we send our products out.